What's LimitOver!?

LimitOver (or LO) is a patch for playing an arranged version of the Sega Saturn game "Asuka 120% Limited".
CafeBreak Project created the patch as a hobby project and it's currently distributed free of charge on this site.
Please note that the only thing that is distributed free is the patch file and the game cannot be played unless you own "Limited".

LO has various modifications from "Limited" and it has been made into an extremely interesting game.
Meaningful changes:

These changes have been made after looking at the opinions of many players on the Internet.

In order to play LO, you need the following hardware and software:

You need all of the above and knowledge about CD writing to make a copy of LO.

Here is a brief explanation of the procedure required to create LO.
 ・Copy all "Asuka 120% Limited" data to the hard drive of a Windows machine
 ・Change the "Limited" data files using the LO patch file
 ・Write the changed data to a CD-R
In order to use the created LO on the Saturn, it is necessary to avoid the outer ring security check.
The outer ring security check is used to identify and start licensed Sega Saturn games (it is the "SEGA" logo on the outer circumference of the CD-ROM)
As CD-Rs don't have this ring, games cannot be normally played this way.
The following methods are available to avoid the security ring check:
 ・Swapping the CD-ROM at startup (Make sure to insert a real Saturn CD-ROM only when the Saturn is checking the outer circumference of the disc)
 ・Adding a device into the Saturn to avoid the security check (most of them require modification to the Saturn)
Only users who meet all these conditions can play LO.

The latest version of LO (Version 1999/12/31) is distributed on this site.

The original "Asuka 120% Limited" game was created by Fill-In-Cafe and ASK Kodansha.

(Author:E.Moriya 2000/01/19)
 Only those who own a "Limited" CD-ROM and have the right to create LO can update to it with their own responsibility and knowledge. Do not give copies of LO to other people.
 Also, running the LO CD-R on a Saturn may void its warranty.
 LO is not officially licensed software, so people who play it must take various responsibilities on their own.

 Devices to avoid the Saturn security check cannot currently be obtained due to the revision of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law.