How to make LimitOver in [$CURRENT_YEAR]

1. Make an ISO/WAV rip of your Asuka 120% disc with TurboRip or something
(if TurboRip rips the whole disc in like 2 seconds and all the files are empty try running it on an older, crappier computer)
2. Copy all the files off the disc and into the "asuka_files" directory in the disc creation tools zip
3. Copy the ASUKA directory in the LimitOver patch archive over the ASUKA directory in the "asuka_files" directory, overwrite all files when it asks you
4. Move 0.EXE into the asuka_files directory, run it to patch 0.bin, delete 0.EXE and 0.OLD
5. Run makeiso.bat to create the ISO file
6. Copy the ISO over the iso generated by TurboRip, rename it so it matches the file name in the cue sheet, double click the .cue file TurboRip made so the ISO and Red Book audio will both be burnt to the disc