Umihara Kawase Shun ~second edition~ Kanzenban menu guide

Title Screen

Shun version selection

"SE Version" selects the original level set from Shun SE for the Playstation, while "DS Version"
selects a version of the Shun level set that's been modified to better fit the DS's reduced screen size.


Main menu options

This is the "options" menu accessible from the main menu, not the in-game one. The box at the bottom
has an extended description of whatever option you selected.

In-game pause menu

To access the menu, hit select while the game's paused. The menus are laid out the same in both games.

Replay menu

Replay menu

Save replay

Rename/delete replay

The rename and delete menus both have the same text.

Replay deletion confirmation

Quit confirmation

Title screen replay menu

This is the replay menu you access from a game menu, not in-game. The menus in both games are laid out the same.

Shun options menu

The original Umihara Kawase options menu is in English.
-Tutorial is on by default but can be switched off by hitting A on that option (I'd recommend doing that because it's entirely in Japanese)
-Zoom can be turned to "Automatic" (zoomed in all the way until you use your lure, when it zooms out) by pressing A on that option
-L/R buttons cycle between "Off", "Zoom" (L zooms in, R resets the camera to 100% zoomed out), "Top lure" (Hitting L shoots to the top left,
hitting R shoots to the top right), and "Bottom lure" (the same as Top lure but to the bottom left/right).