The Wings of Madoola Plus

Note that I've stopped working on this in favor of OpenMadoola. Future fixes will be provided on a "no-effort" basis (i.e. there won't be any unless someone finds a bug, fixes it, and sends me a diff file).

Title screen screenshot Opening crawl screenshot
Save screen screenshot Gameplay screenshot

With this patch, I've tried to add as many enhancements, quality of life tweaks, and bug fixes as possible without changing the intended gameplay. I hope this becomes the definitive way to play The Wing of Madoola.

Gameplay video


Web Patcher

Installing the patch is pretty easy. All you have to do is dump your Wing of Madoola cartridge to a .nes file, and then browse for it here. The web patcher will patch your rom and prompt you to save it. For any copyright afficionados reading this, the patcher runs locally on your computer and the rom isn't uploaded anywhere.


Patch Credits


6/23/2023 - Fixed an MMC3 interrupt bug that occasionally caused graphical glitches
4/15/2023 - Fixed a bug in the sound engine where APU channels could get stuck on
4/9/2023 - Initial release