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Secrets of Madoola

Secrets of Madoola is meant to document everything interesting that I can dig up about Sunsoft's classic game The Wing of Madoola (マドゥーラの翼). Hopefully, you'll find some neat stuff that will make up for my lousy web design skills.

6/23/2023: Updated the "plus" page.
4/15/2023: Updated the "plus" page and the "links" page.
4/9/2023: Added the "plus" page.
3/18/2023: Added the "conversation" page.
1/21/2023: Minor disassembly update
1/19/2023: Uploaded my disassembly of the game's code.
1/3/2023: Corrected the description of how item rooms work on the maps page.
1/2/2023: Created the site.


If you have any questions, comments, or more information I can post, feel free to email me at nathan (at) infochunk (dot) com.